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Wet Dust Scrubber Units
The Inline Wet Dust Scrubber system is designed to ensure high dust-capture efficiency. The unit is compact, has lower noise levels, as well as low power and water requirements. The scrubbers are available in electric or hydraulic drive.
The scrubber unit draws in the dust-laden air from the face area, dynamically scrubs it in the scrubber fan section where most of the dust is removed, passed through the screen where the balance of dust is removed, and finally passes the remaining air and water through the demister section where the water is removed and clean dry air is released back into the working area.
The design of the Wet Fan Scrubber system allows for easy installation, maintenance and quick replacement of critical parts in the event of damage.
Wet Fan Scrubber Units are available in sizes from 4m³/s to 25m³/s with either rear or side outlet boxes.”
Setting the Standard for Dust Suppression Technologies in Underground Mining