Supply and Service
Colliery Dust Control has the most extensive aftermarket customer support programme in the dust suppression equipment industry. CDC has put a great deal of effort into developing and providing a range of services to ensure that all our equipment is maintained to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

The service network enables us to form close relationships with our customers so as to assist them to achieve their goals.

Maintenance Contracts
The field service team assist customers with repairs, maintenance schedules and change-outs due to engineering improvements. This value-added service puts us directly in touch with our customers. The service technician’s team also conducts on-site commissioning and assist with installations.
Entails the provision of extensively experienced service technicians in the maintenance of dust suppression equipment on various mining operations and who are conversant with the rules, regulations and normal procedures on a maintenance shift and who are capable of carrying out the work unsupervised and to the satisfaction of the maintenance personnel. This preventative maintenance service has proved very successful in extending equipment life and improving availability and reliability. The team also conducts on-site commissioning, assists with installation.

Our motto: “If you don’t look after your customer, somebody else will”

24/7 Product Supply (Spares & Service Exchange)
New equipment & replacement parts available around the clock. The company has operated a very successful service exchange scheme which was implemented principally at the request of our customers who wished to reduce their stock-holding costs on standby units, particularly in instances where replacement fans and pumps were infrequently used.
The scheme offers an alternative to the mines, which eliminates the need to hold the unit in stock and freeze up the capital.  This is achieved by CDC holding service exchange units at our cost while providing 24 hour, seven day a week call out facility for whatever unit is required at scheme associated costs usually within 4 hours from notification.

Audit Surveys
Underground product performance audits conducted to evaluate condition and efficiency of equipment.

Consistent Service
Colliery Dust Control has consistently ensured quality and timely delivery of its products direct to its customers.

Setting the Standard for Dust Suppression Technologies in Underground Mining