Corporate Social Investment Page
Colliery Dust Control’s corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives focus mainly on organisations benefiting underprivileged children. We have, since inception, promoted employee involvement in the CSI initiatives to sensitise our employees to the neighbouring communities' needs.

Operation Snow Drop
Operation Snowdrop is a non-profit Organisation (Registration No.067363) formed by a group of professional and business
- people, who with the help of numerous volunteers, assist with poverty alleviation, upliftment of people and skills training to improve the lives of the less fortunate.
Feeding scheme and soup kitchen for under-privileged and HIV-positive people;
Bursary Fund for underprivileged students;
Teaching crafts and sewing to unemployed women.

Vita Nova
Vita Nova Centre is a residential facility in Springs. 
They cater for persons with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism and the Physically and Mentally challenged. Some of our children are blind, deaf or have HIV/AIDS. Most of them have been abandoned.
At the moment they have 120 residents at the centre ranging from the age of 1 year and older, the oldest being 71 years old. They arrive at the centre with nothing and we provide them with toiletries, nappies, bedding and clothing.
They give all our children lots of love and care, something they so desperately need and deserve!

EM & OU Solutions

Sponsorship of new Vehicle handed over to EM & OU Solutions.
EM & OU Solutions do general supply of services ie. Stationary /PPE / Groceries / Cleaning Services.
Setting the Standard for Dust Suppression Technologies in Underground Mining