Research and Development

CDC is continuously examining all its equipment and embarking on the development of new products to both enhance the existing range, and to explore and search for new and better ways of ensuring that our equipment is compliant.
A large portion of the budget has been allocated for research and development on improving the existing products to meet technological advancements and to continuously abide by legislative requirements on improving noise levels and increased volume for improved dust counts.
Currently, several projects are running on the testing and development of better-performing products.

Current Projects

Impeller redesign - reduce noise levels and improve fan efficiency without any compromise on volume flow and pressure
Hydraulic Driven Fans - decreased costs, variable speed leading to reduced noise, smaller units
Fan Performance Improvement
Development of Flame proof Auxiliary fans for forced ventilation as well as commonly used Jet fans for non-ducted applications.
Screen Loading Detection
Screen flushing System
New Type Fans (inline centrifugal fans and mixed flow fans)
Pneumatic-powered dust capture system that uses 0% water to be used in pneumatic drilling operations

CDC has continued to support research carried out by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), by donating equipment for the test facilities at Klopperbos to ensure our products are scientifically and operationally approved.
Setting the Standard for Dust Suppression Technologies in Underground Mining