Vision and Mission
Colliery Dust Control is serious in its long-term commitment to the mining industry.  The company seeks to improve and expand the range of products required by modern coal mining technology. Colliery Dust Control understands that any organization is only as strong as its people.

As a fully empowered and diversified South African company, CDC’s strategy is to capitalize on growth opportunities domestically and internationally.
Our vision is to be a respected global enterprise, harnessing our skills in supplying innovative and competitive technologies to excel in selected markets.
The directors and management of Colliery Dust Control (Pty) Ltd. are committed to ensuring that CDC’s products and services always adhere to the applicable local and international standards for safety, quality, health and environment.

The short-term focus will be to consolidate and integrate our business processes to enable our existing customers to achieve maximum benefit by optimizing and standardizing our product offering and services.

The long-term strategy for CDC is to venture into the international markets for supply and support services of our products. 
Setting the Standard for Dust Suppression Technologies in Underground Mining